Evil spiritual worker hexes young guy from Leicester to destroy his book business…

I was in Leicester in England’s Midlands a while back, doing a personal consultation with a young Asian guy whose life was under threat after an evil worker in the region laid a heavy duty hex on him – the plan being to wreck his book packaging business. No doubt the evil worker had been hired by a rival business.

The effects of the hex included interminable bad luck, nothing seemed to go right for him. He also was hit with serious anxiety and panic attacks. And nearly everyday he’d see “shadows” out of the corner of his eye. When he turned round, nothing was there. He also had strong feelings of there being a presence in the room with him when he slept.

“I don’t think I can take it anymore,” he said. “I honestly think I’m going mad… but I know for certain I’ve been cursed by some spiritualist – I’ve had threats to that effect.”

“What you need to defeat this hex is a voodoo life charm,” I said. “It’s the only thing that will do you any good.”

I told him I’d need hair from his head, and I’d wrap this in red flannel with various powerful roots and herbs. This would all be put in a tin box, along with a “wish paper” covered in sigils, drawn in pen and ink. This is the life charm.

“Once I’ve done that and performed a ritual one hour before sunset, you’ll need to bury the life charm under a live oak tree,” I said. “So long as it stays there safely no one can poison you with bad goofer or black magic. No car can run you down. No one can shoot you or stab you. And no evil worker can do stuff to kill you. There’s no need to be scared. You can go about your business and not bother your mind about evil work.”

Leicester is a curious place. A thriving community with a good deal of Asians settling there since the 1970s, which in many respects improved the city, bringing much-needed business opportunities to the area.

Underneath the bustle of the busy city, however, is an undercurrent of occult practice, usually good, but there is a bad side that often includes the summoning of jinns and other spirits to get at enemies.

And the young Asian guy I consulted with had become a victim of this.

As it turned out, about two weeks after I fixed up the voodoo life charm, he got back to me and said his luck had been picking up and his anxiety had reduced… and no longer did he sense a presence in his bedroom at night.

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