Swamp voodoo card readings are not like modern psychic readings - the endless psychic phone lines or tarot readers you see at new age fairs and so on. No. Swamp voodoo card readings are about spiritual diagnosis.

What's more, a swamp voodoo card reading doesn't play pointless guessing games like divining some event that happened in your childhood. After all, you already know about that!

On the contrary, swamp voodoo card readings are about action. Getting things done. They are about divining what conditions and energies surround a given problem in your life. They are a diagnostic tool to examine the issue and come up with the best possible way of solving it.

This diagnostic side was illustrated in an article by Miss A. M. Bacon called Conjuring and Conjure-Doctors, published in the Southern Workman in 1895. (The italics are mine).

"When you are conjured [hexed] you feel like you have never felt before in all your life. Uncouth thoughts take possession of your mind. If a rabbit had been used in working the hoodoo, you will become timid, and afraid of everyone, just as the rabbit is timid. If you are in doubt as to your condition you can verify your misgivings by telling your future with cards."

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