I’m guessing this is a problem we’ve all had at some point. Picture yourself chilling on the couch with the latest “must read” novel, or settling yourself down for a well deserved good night’s sleep….

Suddenly, bang, crash, pump up the volume, racket hammers through your walls and into your head… There goes your chill time.

I’ve personally experienced this recently. I think my neighbour must have gone through a break up (he really should have spoken to me first, and maybe we could have fixed that). And suddenly I was subjected to “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin'” (with him singing along) for what seemed like 24/7.

And no matter HOW much you like The Righteous Brothers, nobody needs that. And there’s only so much time you can spend with your head under a pillow.

So I decided a little voodoo might help matters along. I crafted a voodoo doll, working the ritual at a carefully chosen phase of the moon. I went so far as to actually go online, print out the lyrics to the offending song, cut them up and wrapped them around my doll.

With a little help from the spirits, evoked by making them an offering, I managed to get the spirit of the doll to enter his house and cause him as much disruption and irritation as he was causing ME. Pretty soon, Life was peaceful again.

If your situation is more extreme and you persevere, you may even find that your neighbour decides to move on out.

Bad neighbour spells can work really quickly, within a week in one case, but it can take a little longer. Providing you keep up the ritual, results will always come in the end.

Now … Where did I put my spell for getting nice, quiet new neighbours… ?

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