If you’re looking to get your lover back in your Life and in your bed, here’s the spell to get Erzulie pouring her sugar loving into YOUR bowl.

It’s a traditional New Orleans voodoo conjure that works equally well for men and women.

So what do you do? Get yourself some couch grass – if you can’t find it in your garden, you can get it from online stores. Give it a generous sprinkle under your bed, on the mattress and under the pillows.

When you wake up in the morning, rub some Luv Luv Oil around your sexy parts, and then sprinkle on a few puffs of Love Powder over your pubic region. Don’t forget that the erogenous zones include behind the ears, the nape of the neck, the collarbone and behind the knees, as well as the more obvious ones.

Next, take some Love Oil, and draw it towards you down a Red Seven Day Candle. Write your lover’s name on a piece of parchment or art paper using Dove’s Blood Ink. If you don’t have any to and, a red pen will be fine. Put the parchment on a nice looking dish and set the candle on it. Light the candle and let it burn while you get yourself dressed. Put the candle out when you are ready to leave the room. Don’t forget to put it out – I did the other day, and almost ended up with a far hotter love than ANYONE could handle!

Do this ritual for seven days – or longer if necessary.

When you do this working, you should imagine yourself totally exuding animal magnetism, charisma and sexuality. Try to visualize these qualities as an all-enveloping, velvety red mist, which is invisible to others, but has a profound, bewitching effect on them, which they are powerless to resist.

This really is a hot, powerful voodoo spell for keeping a lover, so maybe it’s best to put your asbestos gloves on before performing it!

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