If your long term partner has left you, it’s well worth trying the following spellworking to bring them running back to you like iron filings drawn to a magnet. It harnesses the power of the Love Spirit and uses it as a huge generator of Love electricity, so watch the sparks fly with this one!

The Love Spirit weaves and whirls its magic through all of the towns and cities on Earth, and is powered by the revved up love energy produced by all of the positive romances, love affairs and marriages that have been born and come to fruition in whatever area it dwells in.

With such a super charged battery, it goes without saying that calling on the Love Spirit is one of THE most powerful ways to cast a spell, certainly if you live in a city or town (rural magick is a different ball game).

So let’s get started! This is what you do:

✴ Print or draw the three glyphs below, and then carefully cut them out. It’s worth remembering that the more effort you put into this, the better the result, so you can personalise your glyphs and use nice paper or parchment. Anything that will let the Love Spirit know that you mean business. There are many forms of glyphs, the ones I’ve chosen to head this post are drawn from “unknown tongues”, the language of the subconscious mind. But most civilisations had their own, so it’s worth having a look around if you need some more inspiration.

love glyphs

✴ Now write the full name of your partner on the back of each of the glyphs. You can use biro or any kind of pen, but again put the most that you can into it. If you have it, you can always use dove’s blood ink for some extra souped-up power.

✴ Go to the heart of your city or town at midnight on a day of your choice, but ideally choose a clear starry night. Take the first glyph to the city registry office, cathedral or church – anywhere that holds a lot of marriage ceremonies. Find a nook or cranny on the outside of the building to conceal your glyph. As you hide it, call on the Love Spirit to guide your working.

✴ Next, go to a bar or club that is associated with couples meeting for a night out. Choose somewhere nice – you don’t want to go wasting your precious power on just any old dive. If you wouldn’t take your partner there for a special night out to remember, don’t use it. That doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive place, just somewhere that you know you would both have a really wonderful evening together. Again, conceal the second glyph somewhere around the outside of the building, and again thank the Love Spirit.

✴ Lastly, take the third glyph to the very heart of the city or town. Carefully hide it anywhere within a 300 yard radius of the center, even under a stone or in a flowerbed if there is one. Thank the Love Spirit once more (she likes a lot of thanks!), and maybe leave her a small offering of a piece of candy or a flower.

✴ Don’t worry too much about how you conceal the glyphs. The whole point is that they meld with the Love Spirit and the power of the city. The Love Spirit will get the message more or less immediately, as she’s always looking out for a little love to spread around to people who need it. So if the glyphs get washed away or swept up by the trash collector, it doesn’t matter. Their job is done. You have delivered the intention of your spell directly to the Love Spirit in the city, just like using FedEx!

✴ When you’re done, return to your home and wait for your partner to return. Don’t be afraid to call them, it’s okay to make some of the running. But never under any circumstances allow yourself to appear needy or desperate, as this will push them away. Always stay cool and just lay on the charm.

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