Let’s face it, we all like it when Lady Luck smiles on us just that little bit more sweetly, and if you want her help with gambling, this just HAS to be the top way to do it. It’s known to have been in use in Germany and the Netherlands in the early 19th Century, but may well go back further than that.

It involves drilling a hole in a horse chestnut (or “buckeye”) and filling it with a sliver of aluminum foil. This spell actually calls on the help of the Roman god Mercury too, who ruled over games of chance amongst other things, so originally it would have used quicksilver, which is liquid mercury. As this is poisonous, aluminum makes a great and effective substitute. We don’t all want to go as mad as hatters after all …

So this is what you do:

✴ Set up a simple conjure workspace with two green candles, and burn some Gambler’s Incense. Before you light them, you can anoint the candles with a little Fast Luck Oil, remembering to draw the oil towards you so that you attract all of that money luck. Pass the chestnut through the incense smoke to consecrate it.

✴ Now carefully drill a hole in the chestnut and insert the aluminum foil. You can also add a small piece of pyrite to improve your luck even further. Carefully drip some of the melted wax from the candles to seal it all in.

✴ Anoint the nut with a little more Fast Luck Oil. On a piece of parchment or art paper, write the following verse, preferably using Dragon’s Blood Ink, but if you don’t have any to hand, a green pen is a good substitute:

“Chestnut, seed of wealth,
Mercury, god of chance,
Bring gambling luck to my own good self.”

✴ Then draw the following glyph of Mercury below the verse.

mercury symbol

✴ Fold the piece of parchment into four, and place it in a green mojo bag (drawstring pouch), along with three silver coins. Once the spell is cast, keep the chestnut charm in your pocket whenever you gamble, including when you go to buy a lottery ticket or when you bet on the dogs or horses.

✴ You can also harness even more horse chestnut magic by either rubbing your hands with chestnut leaves before gambling, and again calling on Mercury, or if you have a little more time, you can make a magic money hand-wash by peeling some horse chestnuts (about twenty), then grating or cutting the nuts into small pieces. Leave these pieces in some warm water until the water is milky. You can then bottle the water that is left and use it to wash your hands before you hit the casino or arcade. You can also place the pieces of chestnut into something like an ice cube mould, leave them to dry, and again you can use them to wash your hands, even though the “soap” looks a little weird, or you can add one of the dried cubes to your mojo bag.

Yet another tip to help you have the winning edge is to carry a couple of mint leaves in your wallet or purse. It literally helps to attract a “mint” of money, and the energizing fragrance helps to keep your mind sharp and open to positive influences.

So there you have it – and just remember to blow on those dice too before you roll ’em!

(Originally published on PipDeBelfry.com – Best lucky horse chestnut gambling charm)

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