Voodoo conjure money talisman you can wear to draw money to you…

This money talisman has a unique story attached to it. The idea for it came about after being shot at in a West London graveyard in the 1980s. Shortly after the altercation a weird paranormal event occurred where apparently the Devil himself appeared in the form of a black cat… saved our asses, in fact.

You can read the full story here. But for now, let’s talk some more about the money talisman / pendant, and what it can do for you in terms of drawing cash when you need it.

The way it works is I regularly visit curio and antiques shops whenever I’m traveling. I look around for stuff that somehow “speaks” to me as being an object of power. But I’m always scanning around for old British Thruppeny bits on account of them having the reputation for me lucky when it comes to attracting money.

So one of my money magick workings involves fixing up an old Thruppenny bit, along with a sigil stave, and a bottle of Special Blend Oil No. 9, which is used to feed the coin, once the ritual work is done.

I take these items to a graveyard (varies which one, depends where I’m at), call upon the spirits to bestow their numinous energies into the items, turning them into living, breathing servitors working 24/7 to attract money.

Once fully fixed up, you have a helluva powerful money-drawing talisman.

Let me know if you’re interested in me fixing one up for you. Tell me about your situation and I’ll sort out the way the working should pan out.

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