If someone is threatening or intimidating you, this voodoo hex spell will stop them in their tracks as surely as if they’d stepped in quick drying cement…

This hex working uses a skull candle, which can either be ready bought from a spiritual supplies store, or go ahead and make your own for a stronger conjure.

Make sure that you plan ahead, as this is another working that needs to be done bang on the stroke of midnight, no messing up … This is what you do:

  • Using a red pen, write the following on a piece of parchment paper (also remembering that the best parchment that you can lay hands on gives a better result, as spirits see it as a sign of respect):

“In the name of the mystic skull, I [write your name], put the Curse of Althazar, and Gaap and Flauros upon [write your enemy’s name here].”

Above are the names that can be called upon when a mortal wishes to take vengeance upon one who has wronged them.

  • Anoint your skull candle with Conquering Oil, and lay your parchment paper message in front of the candle.
  • Now wait for the stroke of midnight, counting down like you would on New Year’s Eve. As the chimes commence, light the candle and let it burn for 30 minutes (this is like warming the oven up to do some real special cooking).
  • Then carefully put the parchment paper into the candle flame,setting it alight. Have ready a suitable metal dish or tin, in which you can place the burning parchment, and once it is reduced to ashes, keep them safely there.
  • Repeat this ritual the following night, and if necessary, continue to work this two day conjure each week over the next three weeks, to keep your enemy restrained.
  • After each two day ritual, place the ashes in a small bottle (an amber colored glass bottle is good, as it protects the contents from the fading rays of the sun), and seal it tight.
  • Keep the bottle on a shelf that does not get direct sunlight (for the reason I just mentioned). Some voodoo practitioners reserve a special shelf full of such bottles, each marked with a specific code to identify which bottle is which.

Then just sit back and wait for this heavy duty voodoo hex spell to work …

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