If someone has taken the unwise step of doing you a truly terrible wrong, they had best watch out, as this voodoo revenge spell will hit them HARD!

This is what to do. Make or buy a black voodoo doll, always remembering that home made is the best. If you had the choice, would you buy a store made cake or a home made one? That’s the difference …

You’re going to need a small piece of your victim’s clothing; use a safety pin to attach this to the doll. Open up the side seam on the doll and insert some nail clippings, hair, or anything personal that you can get from the victim. Now tightly sew up the seam. If you don’t have access to these things, see the note at the end of the working.

If it’s a homemade doll, paint or sew on the eyes and mouth. Now paint or sew the following glyph (symbol) on the back of the doll, which is one I use quite a bit and is drawn from “unknown tongues”; alternatively, use a symbol of your choice that you feel is appropriate.


On the day of your choice (Saturday is a good day), wait until midnight, and put your doll on a black piece of cloth or paper, between two black candles. You may like to sprinkle the cloth or paper with some fine grit or sand, to make it a little more uncomfortable for your victim. No nice velvet sheets for them! Place a nail at the feet of the doll, and a stone that feels right to you at the head.

Anoint the candles with Crossing or Jinx Oil and light them. Remember to rub the oil away from you, which is always done for baleful workings.

Light the candles, and when they lit recite the following:

“Be you gone and may you, (say the name of your victim here)rot in Hell. Damballah, curse him (or her), and waste him (or her) as I waste him. By the fires of the night, may he have no peace in bed, nor at this food, not can he run or hide. Waste him and wear him and tear him and rot him and cast him asunder”.

Now chant the following three times:

“Eh! Eh! Bomba, Hen! Hen!
Canga Cafio Te
Canga Mouna Dele
Canga Dahi La
Canga Li”

The origins and meanings of this chant have been lost in the voodoo swamps of time, but it has been used in various workings by voodooists down the centuries to ensure success in any ritual.

Once you’ve finished the chant, you can close the ritual by pushing pins into the doll, burning it, or tying cotton or cord around its neck, like a noose. Alternatively, you could place it in a coffin like box and bury it in the ground.

Be assured that when you perform this ritual, your enemy will find him or herself in serious deep water-and they might not come up again.

Because of this, it is wise to remember it is NOT a ritual to be done lightly, and only to be used if the victim truly merits it. If used for the wrong purposes, it may well come back at you, so be warned!


If you can’t get hold of any personal items from your victim, like hair or nail clippings,you can still do the black voodoo doll spell. Simply do the following:

  • As before, lay the doll between two black candles and light them. Then you need to invoke the following three voodoo loa (spirits): Legba, Agwe and Ghede. You’ll need some graveyard dust (dirt from a cemetery, also known as Goofer Dust), water and matches.
  • Sprinkle some dust on the voodoo doll and say: “Legba, Legba, Gonga Bafo Te.”
  • Sprinkle a few drops of water on the doll and say: “Agwe, Agwe, Conga Noune De Le.”
  • Lastly, hold a lighted match over the doll and say: “Aia bambaia bomba, Ghede, Ghede, Conga Do Ki La, (then say the name of your victim) may you suffer and hurt and burn in the fires of Hell.”

And thus your sweet revenge spell is cast … All you need to do is wait.

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