“My guy has walked out on me, I just want the strongest voodoo spell you’ve got to bring him back…”

A young woman called Martina got in touch this week. She wanted to know what the most effective voodoo love spells are for bringing an ex back.

“I lived with Dave [not his real name] for three years,” she said. “Then he walked out on me for another woman. I was devastated. I truly believed we were soul mates. I just want the strongest voodoo spell you’ve got to bring him back.”

I explained that it’s not so much about the strength of a voodoo spell, more about the subtlety of the energies built in to it and the spiritual atavisms (spirits) called upon. The greater the level of subtlety in the spell, the more effective it will be. Going in with a sledgehammer is not the way to do it.

As Matina’s ex had gone off with another woman, I suggested she use a break up spell along with a lover back working. So that’s what she’s gone for.

When I complete the ritual working and send items to her she’ll see first hand the subtlety that is built into the spell. The lover back working (my Conjure Box), for example, is imbued with specific, hard-to-find oils and the artifacts in the box represent many different occult forces – all geared to the magical intention, which in this case is centered around bringing Martina’s ex back.

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