Is nothing ever going right for you lately? Do you feel that maybe, just MAYBE, someone has it in for you? If so, you may well have been hexed.

Hexing is a fact of life. A lot of people do it, often to take revenge for the slightest things. Personally, I can’t see any reason to worry about it – the vast majority of hexes are about as effective as using a pop gun against an army.

But if you feel you have been hexed and it’s bothering you, it’s worth taking some counter action of your own. It’s worth giving my Voodoo Hex Remover a try, which will vaporize bad work in a flash.

It’s adapted from a conjure passed on from Earl Marlowe, which is simple but effective.

Firstly, cut out a silhouette of a human figure from a newspaper. Anything will do. Then write the name of the person who has been hexing you on the paper doll.

Each day, over seven days, cut a piece off the paper doll and burn it over a black candle. As you do so, recite the following chant:

“Curse placer, you are stopped in your tracks! Your evil is deflected by the power of the guardian angel that watches over me each and every day.
Curse placer, your hands are tied and your resolve is weak! No longer do you want to hex me, no longer does your mind dwell on me, and your attention is now on new things and new people.
Curse placer, I wish you no ill, but it is time for you to go! Time for you to move on and away from this place.
Curse placer, I banish you and your hexes for ever more!”

Once you have completed this hex remover spell, you should start to see results in a couple of weeks, if not sooner. You can also give this working a bit more of a kick by burning some John the Conqueror incense daily for seven consecutive nights. So there you go – hex free!

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