Sometimes you get a whole lot of clients with similar problems. It’s almost as if something is in the air. I spoke recently about Ali who was being troubled by Jadoo.

A few days later, I was contacted by a young woman from Leicester who wrote saying that someone had also hexed her relationship using Jadoo Toona. She and her boyfriend were all set to get married, and suddenly everything started to go wrong, apparently with no explanation.

She said that she had been hit with “sihr”, which means very dark witchcraft. It’s a term used in the Muslim world.

I told her that sihr can be countered successfully by using Ruhaniya, a form of white Jadoo used by various sufi sects. I should state here though that Ruhaniya is banned by law in many countries in the Middle East, and can even be punishable by death. This is why Ruhaniya magicians generally practice undercover. So if you live in these areas, you need to be very careful.

Ruhaniya involves using talismans, charms and amulets, and makes frequent use of magic squares. All are drawn up according to precise esoteric configurations designed to draw energies and formulations directly from the teachings of the Koran. This method is not dissimilar to the way the old Hoodoos used to use the Bible (bear in mind that by far the majority of Hoodoos were Christians).

The key to this form of magic lies in the grimoire Shama al-Maarif – “The Book of the Sun of Gnosis and the Subtleties of Elevated Things” – which is one of the great Arabic books on magic and spiritism. It was written by Shaykh Ahmand al-Buni, an 11th/12th century Tunisian Sufi master and occultist.It is one of the most prized and controversial books in the Islamic world. Anyone caught with a copy in Saudi Arabia runs the risk of public flogging or imprisonment.

The cornerstone of the Shams al-Maarif is based around magic squares. These encapsulate alphanumeric formulas that can exert a measurable effect on the energies that underpin everyday reality. Al-Buni drew up his magic squares using the 99 names of Allah.

This method can be used to communicate with jinns and spirits. Under the correct conditions, these jinns and spirits will help you to remove evil Jadoo and banish bad work such as a hexed relationship.

I gave the young woman precise details of how to go about using this method, and was pleased to hear a short while later that her romantic plans were back on track, and she was once again looking forward to celebrating her wedding. So there are different ways to approach seemingly similar problems. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”, or one spell fixes all in the world of conjure, and the creation of individually tailored workings really is the key to success.

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