Nicola here again – Doc’s Diablo MC (Mistress of Ceremonies). Here’s Prof. Crow telling Doc about some lucky poker chips during their meet up at the Jerk City cafe on St. John’s Eve last week.

“Doc, I just got back from seeing my old friend Black Jacque, helping him out with his Mississippi Mojo mayhem and laying down some greedy riverboat ghosts. Anyhow, as I left, he gave me bag of 13 of his famous Black Jacque Jack jack’s. That’s right powerful jacks made from old Jack D poker chips.

Now these chips sure were powerful shit even before that old crazy Cajun Conjurer set his evil eye on them and laid down his own Jacque Ju Ju on them. These are all real chips played in assumption over water and have actually been drawn from a dead mans hand.

So that old bastard takes ‘em and then pitches them at the crossroads before the big man himself. I tell you once Black Jacque hangs them from a fine silver chain, the hag has made by the moon, these are the most powerful Hoodoo divination jacks around!

Got one in my hand and he is right. Oh boy do they feel good. He has also made some good luck charms out of chips with JD’s No.7 on them. Powerful Mojo!”

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