A little while back a businessman from Leeds, Northern England, contacted me. For privacy reasons, I’ll call him Abdullah. He said: “Someone has put a black jadoo curse on me to ruin my life, please help me.”

Over the last twenty years he’d run a successful clothing business in Leeds. He and his family had lived the good life and he was a leading figure in the Asian community there.

But a couple of years or so ago, after a dispute with a fellow businessman, his business started to falter. At first he put it down to the recession. But then things started going wrong in his personal life and close family members seemed to be unlucky in everything they did.

“I’m now 100% certain that the businessman I had a dispute with has had a Jadoo curse put on me. I have prayed for help and this has worked to a small extent, but it has not lifted the curse,” he said. “My family is suffering.”

So concerned was Abdullah that he asked me to come up to Leeds for a personal consultation. He said he would pay me handsomely, way over the odds, if need be. I said, “No, no, my usual charges, plus expenses, will do fine…”

I went up to Leeds on the train carrying my old dusty doctor’s bag of conjure tricks. Dealing with bad jadoo (the term for magic in the East) is no different to removing a voodoo or witchcraft curse. Bad work is the same irrespective of the tradition.

As usual, I spent the day doing card readings and cleansing rituals with Abdullah. We also went out to a place of power just outside Leeds. It was a site of antiquity used for magical rites by the ancient Britons. Places like that are very good for reading the omens surrounding a situation. You can even catch psychic glimpses of the people involved – almost like remote viewing.

As we walked, I began to have visions and impressions of who was behind the jadoo curse.

“I’m picking up that the guy you had a business dispute with hired a disreputable jadoo practitioner working out of Bradford [a town not far from Leeds],” I said.

Once we’d got that sorted out, it was a question of doing a midnight graveyard rite to totally remove all the bad energies that had been laid on Abdullah and his family.

Before returning home the following day, I instructed Abdullah to recite The Unity morning and night for three weeks. It’s a very powerful and inspiring verse from The Koran. Here it is:

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful!
Say: He is Allah, the One!
Allah, the eternally besought of all!
He begetteth not nor was begotten.
And there is none comparable unto him.

It took a couple of months for the jadoo curse to be fully cleared. But the whole family felt a huge weight had been removed from them in the first week. Now everything is back on track for them all.

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