Voodoo rituals conducted in a cemetery and black magic might sound scary and diabolic, but it gets the job done…

Now and then people come to me saying no spell or spellcaster has brought them results. They usually then ask, “Have you got a black magic spell to bring the results I want?”

I typically make doubly sure they are serious, then I say, “Yes, I’ve got the ultimate voodoo black magic spell – maximum firepower that will get the job done.”

So what is my ultimate hardcore voodoo, black magic spell?

It’s my Devil’s Tin, which is reserved for the most difficult cases, and can be configured to any end, be it love, money, luck, removing curses and hexes, protection, courtwork, and so on.

To me, though, there is no black magic – there’s no color about it. Who needs red, black or green? Magic is magic. Voodoo is voodoo. It’s about the results you get.

That said, I think black magic is the most fun term to use – certainly better than “white magic” which  sounds about as wimp-ass as you can get!

Anyway, to cast the Devil’s Tin spell, I go to a disused graveyard at a country location not far from me. The ritual itself is pretty intensive and is conducted over three nights.

I call upon a spirit creature called the Graveyard Snake, a black and yellow slithering reptile that haunts cemeteries and can grant wishes.

This is done in a spirit trance while I chant in “unknown tongues,” the language of the spirits and the subconscious mind.

On the third and final night of this black magic ritual, a pack of black animals arrive on the scene – black lion, black rooster, and more. This heralds the arrival of Papa Lebat, who I petition on your behalf to empower the spell, so you get the results you are seeking.

Sure, if you want to call it heavy-duty black magic, you can… I just see it as results magic and getting the job done.

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