Guy I know is a black magickian, and also a pretty rich tech stocks investor, and he’s convinced Prof. Christine Blassey Ford is part of a magickal, or voodoo, scheme to take down Donald Trump… defaming Kavanaugh being the beginning…

I’m not saying I support this view. But if Blassey Ford’s story of attempted rape by Kavanaugh in the 1980s is true, well, Kavanaugh deserves all he gets for abusing her and damaging her life.

But the guy I know actually has a lot of top connections around the world, so what he says might be given some credence. Online, one of the names he goes under is Raoul Lovejoy, not his real name… and I think he posts on 4Chan quite a bit too, so you have to be careful around him.

Anyway, Raoul contends that Blassey Ford is genuine in her claims. But as he said to me during a phone call: “It doesn’t mean her testimony was true…after all we’re in a ‘post-truth’ world. ‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted’, the maxim beloved of chaos magickians, has come to pass in a profound way all over the globe.”

Raoul thinks Blassey Ford’s memory of the attempted rape by Kavanaugh was very similar to those of alien abductees. They are genuine in their belief that it actually happened in everyday reality. But actually, according to Raoul, it’s more akin to a shaman’s trance journey in which he or she enters the world of the spirits… which some would see as immersing yourself in the deep subconscious mind.

He also feels the Blassey Ford story compares to the mass hysteria about satanic child abuse during the 1980s and 90s, which was proven totally unfounded by the FBI. Yet those who reported such incidents seemed to genuinely believe they happened. But it was false memories.

Raoul also wonders if Blassey Ford might have been brainwashed by covert CIA operatives working in league with deep state groups, and the whole memory concocted as part of a plan to take down Trump starting with hitting Kavanaugh.

Raoul says:

“Politics is the new magick today, you see it with Trump and Putin, and strongly with ‘Putin’s brain’ Alexander Dugin. The masses are manipulated, and mainstream media are all propaganda channels. What’s really going on is very murky. Mostly it’s the old money elite protecting their finances and property… and of course war is very profitable. So a lot of people die around the world in the interests of the elite profiting from it. Because of this they have to control the masses and divert their attention. Sure, there’s a trickle down effect and even the poorest people in the West get some money, a pittance, but it’s better than nothing at all. But believe me the really rich of the world are phenomenally rich… for example, there are trillionaires but you won’t read about them in the media… naturally it’s better to keep a very low profile. And I firmly believe that Blassey Ford is caught up in this game, probably being used as a stooge. Believe nothing…”

I don’t know what my readers will think of Raoul Lovejoy’s claims. All I can say is he is at the far-edge of magick, and he’s behind quite a few memes that are anarchic and intended to shake the world out of it’s illusions – but because he’s pretty amoral, he has endless channels pushing out fake news. Again that’s part of his magick.

They say Russian academic Alexander Dugin, known also as “Putin’s Rasputin”, is the “most dangerous man in the world”… Raoul Loveday isn’t far behind.

I don’t think he’d mind me saying that as he’d see it as simply adding more anarchy and confusion to the meme flow.

So how can you know the truth in a post-truth world? You can’t…

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