Boss Fetter – Fix An Employer

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Powerful galdor manikin doll to bind an employer and bend them to your will.

This manikin doll with runic sigils is charged under shadowy night hues at the site of an old blasted heath, once used by galdor workers (sorcerers), out in the wilds of the countryside in Eastern England. It’s a place where spells were cast and omens read during the Dark Ages.

It will bind your current employer to do your will and look kindly upon you. It will lock them in invisible fetters so your life is made easier, and it will ensure you keep your job, unless you decide to leave of your own free will.

It works like this…

I first create the manikin doll from a fallen Ash tree stick. Then I take it to my ritual area out in the wilds at a place of power that was once a “blasted heath” in the Dark Ages used by heathen magicians of both sexes. I inscribe runes of power on the stick, from one of the names of the All-Father used to bind adversaries to prevent them causing your grief or issues of any kind.

As I ink the runes on parchment I whisper incantations over each one, calling upon the All-Father (Woden) to imbue them with the shimmering power of the old ones. With that, the spell is cast, and your doll has become an artifact of power.

This will ensure your boss is fettered and unable to make your life difficult. Your job will be secure and trouble-free.

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Boss Fetter Ritual & Manikin Doll

If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes four to five working days, and seven to ten days for the rest of the world.

Only $195.00. (Plus postage & packing for faster, secure and trackable delivery).


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