Sadly, harassment in the workplace is all too common. Having to work under such conditions is stressful and highly unpleasant. It blights your life.

A while back Jason from Leeds, UK, got in touch with me about his boss.

“My boss – my line manager – is a real bully,” he said. “He picks on me all the time. Nothing I do is right. He’s got it in for me and is making my life a misery. I’d look for another job, but in the recession they’re hard to come by – I’d probably end up on the dole with no money. Have you got a spell to make my boss back off?”

I told him I’d got just the thing – a boss fix voodoo spell. “It’ll be a piece of cake,” I said.

The reason I was so confident is people who resort to bullying tactics are typically weak, and therefore can easily have the tables turned on them with a little conjure trick or two. I’m not saying you get a result overnight (although that has happened). What’s more, you can cast a boss fix voodoo spell and the bully seems to get stronger for a short while. But then, after a week or so, or even a month, BANG! They’re outa the picture – perhaps laid off or caught dipping their fingers in the till.

Anyway, I sorted Jason out with a boss fix voodoo spell and within a few weeks his boss was laid off due to cuts, but Jason was kept on. Personally, I’d say that Jason’s boss just need a nudge – and the boss fix spell provided that. Because he was an unpleasant person and probably bullied others besides Jason, he was on shaky ground and didn’t enjoy the goodwill of others. Therefore, he was on the list when it came to downsizing.

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