Definitely. A voodoo spell will kick your gambling luck into overdrive. It brings you the edge over the competition – whether at the casino, card tables, or at bingo. Luck is drawn to you. And when the spirits are there fighting your corner, you will have more winning streaks than is explainable by conventional science.

My Voodoo Gambling Hand, for example, will help you flow with the universal forces of good fortune. It will tune you in to the hidden messages of abundance that are all around us.

To charge up and activate the Voodoo Gambling Hand, and the items associated with it, I go to my Crossroads Shrine, a countryside location a few miles from me. I call down the mighty spirits, implore them to bestow their lucky touch upon the gambling hand

With gambling spells, it’s all about gaining that extra bit of luck – getting yourself in the flow, where things just seem to go right, almost inexplicably so. In the end, it’s about having the voodoo edge.

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