Voodoo spells can certainly help with fame and success. My Spirit Bottle is the most powerful and effective spellworking for this; it calls up mighty Jinn spirits to help propel you to the big time.

But here’s some advice, which is informed from the radically changing economics of the entertainment industry – which is currently hugely impacted by the disruptive technologies coming out of the internet revolution.

The advice is this: Don’t just look to be made into a star by the big (old) media companies. Don’t rely on that. Look for ways to make money directly NOW using your talents. And don’t expect it overnight. It might happen fast, but don’t rely on that. Have a five year plan. But sent markers for six months, 1 year, etc. Monitor progress and be flexible; if some avenue opens up that is lucrative or advances your fame, follow it.

That’s down-to-earth advice. Results magick like my Spirit Bottle helps put you in the right place at the right time.

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