Definitely. Visit out of the way antiques shops, or go out to country sales, anywhere off the beaten track, and you can come across artefacts that are imbued with numinous power. These might be old coins, boxes, trinkets, jewellery, or anything that somehow jumps out at you. Or you touch the item and you feel something. For example, the item might be hot to the touch, or you feel a tingling in your hand that runs up your arm.  Or it might be that you get goosebumps running down your spine.

I regularly go to out of the way places. And every so often I come across a curiosity or artefact of power. I might not even have to pay for it. It could be a stone I come across on the beach or an odd-looking branch in the woods. Or it might be an old curiosity found in a flea market, which, of course, I would pay for.

Either way, the most powerful items are those that seem to jump out at you or catch your attention unexpectedly. I’m big on old coins and so am always on the look out for coins that somehow stand out…which is a sign they have numinous power and can be ritually configured to be very lucky and powerful talismans.

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