Can you break a voodoo spell or are its effects set in stone?

Break up spells are often cast on couples. It could be down to jealousy by a disgruntled ex lover. Or another woman might have her sights set on your guy. Or some man is looking to steal your woman.

Another common scenario is people having a jinx laid on them, which scuppers their luck. This is another one that can be put down to envy. Like some co-worker is unhappy about you getting promotion or a pay rise. So they jinx you.

But the big question people ask is can a voodoo spell be broken?

The answer is, yes it can. It’s easy if the spell was cast by an amateur. But if a skilled voodoo worker was hired, it’s not so easy. And often professionals set traps – partly to stop other professionals like me breaking the spell. I can usually do it, but it takes a savvy strategy.

I typically go to a “place of power” for my ritual area. Could be a lonely country crossroads, old disused graveyard, or the site of an ancient temple, or standing stone. There, in possession trance, I call upon the spirits, and bargain with them to enter the artifacts I’ve created – voodoo dolls, manikins, servitors, etc – which turns them into living, breathing entities that get the job done. I usually give the artifacts to clients, though this is optional.

The bottom line is, voodoo spells, or any other type of spell, can be broken. The timelines for how fast a spell is broken are variable. But typically clients report noticing an immediate change, like a miasma has been removed from them. And then over time things begin to improve generally.


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