Me and Pip de Belfry have been experimenting with a Cash Now Talisman, designed to draw money to you fast.

The letters spelling out the word CASH (see picture above) are geared to draw money from all directions. Keeps it open as to where the filthy lucre comes from, which is critical in this kinda spellworking. You want money. No point worrying where it will come from, just that it will come to you.

We been fixing this one up in the Conjure Shack out in the wilds of the flatlands where we hang out a lot. Sure, the place is a bit broken down, but it’s peaceful and away from people, which is what you need when you kicking up serious voodoo.

You don’t want nobody nosing into your business.

In the picture, the two old coins we pushed into the wax of the tea-light are 1952 King George VI British sixpences.

Pip says:

“They’re rare coins as King George VI died in February 1952 and the last batch of sixpences with his image went out to Jamaica, and the next batch depicted his daughter Queen Elizabeth II. So only so many went into circulation. Though I have read that a million of them were minted, so maybe they disappeared in Jamaica, and were used by conjure workers there. Who knows…”

As these sixpences are hard to find, we’ll mostly use whatever old sixpences, or Victorian “thrupenny” bits, we can locate.

We’re also fixing up a special blend of money oil, which will come with this talisman, and testing the whole working and ingredients for effectiveness.

Stay tuned for more on this and other workings we’re developing out at the Conjure Shack…

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