A while back I got an email from a young woman who wanted to completely enchant every man she came into contact with. She openly admitted it was an ego thing, as she was already attractive and reasonably in demand in the dating stakes.

“Can you cast a voodoo spell that will make me totally irresistible?” she asked. “I want every man I come across to fall head over heels in love with me and want me, even if I don’t want them. They have to be besotted with me. Nothing less will do.”

I told her that I could certainly cast a voodoo spell to make her more magnetic and charismatic, which would attract more men than she does already.

“But to achieve your aims, you’d also need to use psychology and plan the way you dress down to the minutest detail,” I told her. “Yes, I’ll cast a voodoo spell to back up the physical world strategy. But you need to work on an everyday level too.”

I said I’d cast a voodoo spell for her to make her irresistible. This involved doing an involved and complex ritual at my crossroads shrine and going into a spirit trance to enlist the aid of the unseen ones.

A few weeks after the voodoo spell was cast she started getting results. She’d go to parties and to clubs, and guys would swarm around here – hitting on her a lot more often than before.

It would be easy to dismiss this girl as ego-mad. But she was the first to admit that this was the case. She said: “I don’t care what people say, I relish my ego and am not ashamed of it. And besides, I want the attention now, while I’m young and can enjoy it.”

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