To be effective, come back to me spells need some extra voodoo “juice” to get the job done. One way to crank up a come back to me spell is to perform it in the graveyard.

Here’s what you do:

  • Take an article of your ex’s clothing to the graveyard and bury it close to a grave.
  • Ask the spirit in the grave to help bring your ex back. You can speak outloud or internally. Ideally, you will still your mind of everyday thoughts first, then create an picture in your mind of your ex lover. At that point, make your connection with the spirit by stating your request.
  • Leave the item of clothing buried for three days.
  • On the evening of the third day, return to the grave and remove the item of clothing and a small amount of the dirt from the grave.
  • Add salt to the graveyard dirt, and put all three things above the door by which your ex lover left.

In nine days he or she will return. If not, that is a sign of resistance, and this needs dealing with using stronger “medicine.”

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