Coronavirus panic buying is down to a disaster “mental movie” playing in people’s minds, a COVID-19 apocalyptic blockbuster sending them crazy.

The coronavirus panic buying we’re seeing is like a swarm of locusts descending on stores everywhere. But this behaviour is not based on facts or evidence. It’s driven by people visualizing an apocalyptic “mental movie” in their heads.

This is what is motivating them.

This internal visualization leads them to rush to the stores and buy up anything they think might be useful in an upcoming Mad Max scenario.

But this “mental movie” is of their own making. They are both director and producer.

In fact, running “mental movies” is very much what happens when people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. They typically run a big and bright internal visualization of something that scares them – like spiders or elevators or simply going outside. They then run internal dialog about how scared they are, then this loops down to the feeling or kinesthetic system.

Next thing you know they are in full-blown panic mode…

And this is what is happening with the coronavirus scare. People’s internal visualizations will be large and very bright and it is this that dictates their behavior, such as panic buying. They probably aren’t even aware of this disaster mental movie playing in their heads. They just respond to it as if in a hypnotic trance.

And actually they are in a hypnotic trance.

So condemning them won’t help as to them the fear and threat is very real. Their internal visualizations are setting off a primal “fight or flight” response.

All this is no easy matter for governments to deal with. I mean, how to do you stop people running fear programs in their minds?

One way would be to create a series of videos to overlay people’s internal programs…

You would state the facts that coronavirus can be hazardous to the elderly and to those with underlying health conditions. But otherwise it will mostly either be a bad case of flu, or if you’re lucky, a mild bug.

And then add that the supply chains for food and other essentials are easily able to cope with the situation (which they are). Stating that panic buying is not only unnecessary, but is counterproductive and selfish, as it means many people will have to go without – especially those on low incomes who can’t afford to panic buy.

The images governments could use in these videos…

Well, they’d need to be soothing and calming, with some chill-out music in the background. The idea would be to use multimedia to speak to people’s unconscious minds, which very much dictate everybody’s lives.

So in a sense these videos would act as “counter-hypnotics” to swing people’s behavior to something more positive and empathetic to others. Because right now, we are not seeing wartime spirit. We’re seeing every man and woman for themselves.

And it is this that is more likely to lead to a disaster scenario.

The bottom line: People need to be educated to understand that their behavior is based on the mental movies they are running in their heads (in other words a fantasy). It is not based on the facts.

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