There are many, many recipes for crown of success oil, but if you want to go for the one that beats them all, then the product I’m working on at the minute is the go to, definitive article.

Through research over lots of caffeine and nicotine, I happened across the recipe that was used for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II back in 1953. Not only that, this closely guarded elixir is produced from a recipe that goes back to the 17th century, if not before. It is a truly magickal secret … When the next coronation takes place, this is pretty close to what will be used for the anointing of the next monarch. This is considered to be such a personal moment, that even in this day and age, it is kept private, and not shown anywhere. Who knew the monarchy had a little hoodoo in them?

I’ve felt a little like the sorcerer’s apprentice slaving away to get this one just right, but the effort is more than worth it.

One of the extra precious ingredients that goes into this is 100% pure Bulgarian rose otto, grown in the beautiful valley of roses that lies between Kazanlak and Karlovo in Bulgaria.

The reason that this oil is so sought after and precious is that it takes 2 MILLION blooms to produce just 1,000 mls of rose otto. It is gently steam distilled to retain every last liquid gold drop of oil and fragrance, and produces an elixir that smells like Heaven itself.

Of course there are other ingredients that go into my little vial of magick, but this is the one that sets it above anything else that you can buy out there.

I’m really proud of this one, and excited to be able to share it with you.

So if there are any areas that you are looking for just that little extra boost to totally rock up your success, be it creative, financial or maybe in love, you can rest assured that this one will help you to reach your potential.

OK, I’m off now to do some more blending, with my little pointy sorcerer’s hat on. Let me know if you’ve used crown of success oil in the past, and the experiences you’ve had with it! Who knows – I might be able to label my bottles “By Royal Appointment” one day … After all, Queen Elizabeth I employed the services of magician/scientist/astrologer Dr John Dee!

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