People often ask me whether they are “cursed in love.” They wonder if a previously happy relationship, that abruptly ended, was cursed or hexed in some way. They wonder if nefarious voodoo spells, or bad witchcraft, has been laid on them – perhaps by somebody outside wanting to break up the relationship.

The bottom line is, I get a lot of clients having difficulties with their love lives. Usually their lover or romantic partner has left them for somebody else. And if it was a good relationship, they naturally would like it restored. Equally, they are often bewildered as to why their lover left them.

Thus they wonder if the relationship has been hexed or cursed.

Sometimes it’s obvious why the relationship had broken down – perhaps due to arguing and conflict; or their ex fell in love with somebody else.

But other times, it just isn’t clear… and often you find that the person their ex has gone off with has had magickal work – voodoo or witchcraft – done to break up the relationship and secure the affections of the errant partner. In other words, the relationship has been cursed or hexed. And this gets them asking themselves, “Am I cursed in love?”

Or it can be that there is negative energy surrounding the relationship and this is what led to it ending. This is similar to a hex, but not necessarily one perpetrated by baleful magick or witchcraft workers.

Both ways round, though, there is a case for spiritual cleansing and/or hex removal, which can be done as part of a lover back spell.

If you feel that your love has been cursed or hexed in anyway, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll consider your case, and see what I can do.

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