Best laid plans to leave my lucky manikin doll (see above) in Central London, Saturday, were scuppered by dark forces working against me.

Ended up seeking counsel and advice in the backroom of a Chinese cafe in Chinatown – from a spirit medium (“wu”) woman who chain-smoked Sullivan cigarettes from a long, ornate holder, and wore a distinctive dragon ring.

The upshot – her advice – was:

“Seek the spot in the mind, the crystalline pinpoint, where life and death, real and imagined, past and future, the uttered and unutterable, become one, and don’t go against each other.”

So I did.

And the lucky manikin doll turned out, as fate would have it, to be for a specific person, who it will be delivered to next week. But I will also be leaving more magickal items around Central London, with video clips, for anybody to pick up and keep.

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