You might not expect an investment adviser to use voodoo. But Dawn J Bennett apparently did.

She’s CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, a Washington D.C.-based financial firm founded by Dawn in 2006.

Also a well-known right-leaning radio personality (with her show Financial Myth Busting), Dawn landed in hot water for allegedly wildly inflating her assets and performance.

After objecting to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) investigating her, she got banned from the securities industry and was hit with a $4 million fine.

Now she’s been charged with allegedly running a Ponzi scheme.

Oddly blase about the whole thing, one might have been forgiven for thinking she had some “aces” up her sleeve.

Turns out she had…

Reuters news agency reported the following:

“Prosecutors also disclosed the discovery in an Aug. 2 search of Bennett’s penthouse in Chevy Chase, Maryland, of two freezers containing sealed Mason jars bearing the initials of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers on whom Bennett may have hoped to cast a ‘hoodoo spell.'”

The criminal case included an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Keith Custer. During a search of her Chevy Chase penthouse, he and his team found instructions for a “Beef Tongue Shut Up Hoodoo Spell.”

Custer said these called for a spellcaster to say the name of the individual targeted by the hoodoo/voodoo spell, followed by saying “I cross and cover you…come under my command. I command you to hold your tongue.”

Custer also said agents found a number of Mason jars “suggesting that Bennett had many times cast a ‘hoodoo spell’ in the hopes of paranormally silencing the SEC attorneys investigating Bennett.”

It looks like her hoodoo and voodoo didn’t work….

But who knows how it will pan out. Bennett is regularly covered by the financial media who, while taking the mickey a little bit, seem to be intrigued by her. And that might well mean she will have a bright future ahead of her, even if she ends up spending a little time in the slammer.

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