Recently, I’ve been helping out a number of people whose houses appear to be haunted, and the spooky events were becoming a real problem for all of them. Pictures would fly off the wall, they’d hear whispers when nobody was around, and see shadows out of the corner of their eyes when no one was around.

So they called me in to remedy the situation and send the spirits to the next stage of their incarnation – which many describe as entering the “light”.

In cases like this I use an old crystal radio that I adapted to try and get into communication with the spirit that is haunting a house. There’s a load of crackling and white noise, but more often than not, the voice of the spirit will come through.

It’s not always easy to make sense of what the spirit is saying. They often seem to come out with almost non-sensical phrases. So you do have to interpret the meaning, and not take statements literally.

Equally, you have to figure out whether the spirit is that of a deceased human, or is some other kind of entity, or energy manifestation. That can make a big difference when you are looking to remove the spirit from a house.

But both the ghosts of humans, and non-human entities can sometimes be seriously problematic, and usually I’ll work a bit of voodoo and magick to get the entity to leave the dwelling.

This typically involves performing a ritual and creating sigils that compel the recalcitrant spirit or entity out of the place. Other times I’ll work a ritual in a specially chosen graveyard, and take some of the dirt to the haunted house, again in a bid to drive a bad spirit out.

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