“You don’t wanna mess with Death Powder,” said my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, one time. “It’s a secret swamp voodoo recipe – the napalm of hoodoo.”

Earl recommended only using Death Powder in extreme circumstances. When there’s no other way. Death Powder is a distillation of ingredients: Roots collected in the wilds at the dark o’ the moon, gunpowder, brimstone and other stuff – all ritually charged during a possession ceremony in an old, disused and deserted graveyard.

Earl told how Death Powder was once used in a courthouse.

“Killed the judge stone dead. It was no loss. He was a nasty bastard, a white supremest motherfucka. There was some black boys on trial. Good boys wrongly accused. Everyone knew they wasn’t going to get off and were headed for the slammer. So the Death Powder ritual was done and the powder was thrown right in that nasty judge’s face. He was dead by nightfall.”

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