When a demon biker appears beside you on the lonesome highway, you know you are in for a wild ride. You know nothing is what it seems and that the everyday world is melting away – a least for a time.

But this is par for the course on the far edge of voodoo. You ride with the Devil and you give the Devil his due.

It was under the tutelage of voodoo man Earl Marlowe when I first encountered the demon biker known as Johnny Redstone.

Earl said: “You meet Johnny Redstone in the graveyard at midnight at the time of the shadow moon.”

He said that Johnny resided at the Black Lodge on the far western reaches of the etheric plane – the realm of nothingness that can be accessed by controlled dreaming and trance.

“When you in the boneyard and you done the right conjuration,” continued Earl, “the strange hellbirds fly and the black animals come out of their lairs.”

Out of this macabre menagerie walks Johnny Redstone.

According to Earl, conjurers (voodoo workers) perceive Johnny Redstone through a swirling cloud of smoke. Johnny has the look of a biker – leathers, tattoos, and outlaw cool. This is because he was once human – a fierce, savage (yet full of instinctive intelligence) motorcycle club member from the U.S. west coast who got shot up over a drugs’ beef in the early 1970s.

After his death, Johnny became a demonic entity due to the fact that, in life, he had become adept at travelling the etheric plane. He first had out-of-body experiences using peyote and other psychotropic plants. But eventually learned to do it at will without the need for mind-altering substances.

Just before he died of gunshot wounds, Johnny put his ebbing life energy into leaving his body before he died. This is how he became a denizen of the etheric plane, a demonic entity living between this world and separate reality.

The reason Earl knew about Johnny was the two had been good friends. During the 1960s, Earl, who was originally from Trinidad, was serving in the merchant navy. So was Johnny. The two became fast friends. And when they left the merchant navy, they would ride together. Johnny on a Harley, Earl on a Triumph.

After Johnny was killed in the early 70s, Earl had suspicions that Johnny had left his body before dying and set about contacting Johnny on the etheric plane.

Earl told me: “Johnny became a helper in my conjure work. I’d go to the graveyard and work the Midnite Mojo and Johnny would appear. It was like he’d never been gone.”

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