It’s the  first (and best) voodoo magazine, but Doc has been banned from gracing its pages. Publishers say: “Never will we let that reprobate write for our magazine…”

Denise Alvarado is a top-selling voodoo author and long-time practitioner of Deep South hoodoo. She’s the real deal…and, crucially, she’s also an academic and respected researcher. This is important because she is both intuitive and reasoned, and so brings genuine depth to her books – and to her new project: Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly, a magazine devoted to New Orleans voodoo.

Not only is the magazine lavishly illustrated (Denise is a great artist with a raw roots style), but the magazine is a keeper – it’s printed on very high-quality paper and bound like a book. It’s also the first and best of it’s kind.

Denise produces the magazine with her partner in crime, Sharon Marino, a New Orleans-style voodooist and excellent writer.

…Only problem is Denise and Sharon won’t let me write for Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly. They put out an official joint statement saying:

“Never will we let that reprobate voodoo man Doktor Snake write for our magazine… If we had our way, we wouldn’t even let him read it. But unfortunately, we can’t stop him buying it from newsstands. I implore everyone with human decency  to demand that he never writes for Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly…no-one wants to read his weird and crazed ravings. He must be stopped. And we want no part of his deranged empire.”

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