As we walked down the canal path in Camden, London, my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe said:

“If you need to shut down an enemy, you gotta make the Devil’s wind blow.”

Earl said you wait till your enemy is approaching you. You then find the direction of the wind, making sure it is blowing away from you, but towards your enemy.

He continued:

“Then you dust yo’ hands with powdered Devil’s Shoestring and Devil’s Snuff. Hold your hands up so the wind blow the powders at your enemy. Dust’ll be blown into yo’ enemy’s eyes. Not only will they be temporarily blinded, but it will befuddle their mind and send ’em crazy.”

Devil’s Shoestring is also known as Hoary Pea or Goat’s Rue. It’s traditionally used to bring you material, or worldly power over another person, and it is considered to have a persistent effect. Many carry it for luck in gambling, for protection, and for overcoming others.

You prepare small pieces of the root, which are carried with other herbs in a red flannel bag. Sometimes it is also scattered around the room of somebody you wish to influence.

Earl elaborated on the uses of Devil’s Shoestring:

“If you wanna get power over others, you mix pieces of Devil’s Shoestring with Camphor. Add some whiskey and mix it up in a small bottle. Pray over the mixture. Then rub the finished solution on your hands. When the person you wanna control touch yo’ hands, they be obedient to your wishes.”

Devil’s Snuff Powder is used for stopping people interfering in your affairs or meddling in your business. You dust it on your body or on your possessions. But pray over it and ask for what you want, first.

Earl outlined how Devil’s Snuff power is made:

“You gets one ounce of Devil’s Stinging Leaf and grind it to a fine powder. Then you wants one ounce o’ red pepper (capsicum). Mix ’em with some talcum powder and leave for a week or so before you uses it. Little bit o’ powder is all you need.”

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