I regularly have to diagnose whether clients have been hexed or not. And if so, isolate the type of hex and ascertain the best treatment to eradicate it. For this, I use my spirit pendulum. A spirit pendulum (like the one pictured above) is a coloured bottle with a cord tied to the neck. It's hard to see inside. But some of the items are "alive" (in a spiritual sense), and often make the bottle jump around or quiver uncontrollably.

To turn this bottle into a spirit pendulum, I charge the bottle with numinous energy during a midnight ritual at a lonely country crossroads a few miles from me. I then bury the bottle at the heart of the crossroads (a crossing of footpaths in a woods) for seven days and seven nights to imbue it with further power.

When divining for a hex, if I'm on the scene, I take the spirit pendulum - suspended on its cord - around the client's house and garden. The spirit pendulum invariably begins to quiver - and sometimes jumps violently - when it senses any signs of spiritual poisoning.

If an evil doer has deposited a malign spell or amulet it will be unearthed. A typical malign amulet consists of rusty nails, finger and toe nails, hair and pins, sewn up in a piece of red flannel.

When doing the diagnosis remotely, I write out the client's name and details on some parchment in black ink with a dip pen. Then I suspend the spirit pendulum over the parchment.

I then call down the spirits. And the movement of the spirit pendulum, along with my own spirit-possessed state, will diagnose whether a hex has been laid on the client.

It will also uncover the type of hex and its severity. From there I can sort out the necessary antidote, and can completely dissipate the evil that has been placed on the client, allowing them to get on with life again.

In many cases a client will have had months, even years, of bad luck as a result of a hex or curse. My spirit pendulum is a key element in the removal of that terrible malaise.

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