Can you win the heart of a celebrity with a love spell?

I’ve cast a number of love spells on celebrities for clients. And they worked. But I am very selective who I’ll do this for. My proviso is a client has to have some connection with the celebrity they are in love with – not just a social media connection. It has to be a real world connection.


Because celebrities tend to mix with other celebrities, or with other types of successful people. So casting a love spell with no tangible connection is a long shot. It might work, but it is unlikely.

When people come to me for a love spell to attract a celebrity to them I advise them to find ways to hang out in the same places as the celebrity they wish to attract. This might mean restaurants, nightclubs, or anywhere else the celebrity frequents. This puts them in close proximity to the celebrity – and at this point, a celebrity love spell stands far more chance of working.

An earthy channel has been created for the spell to manifest…

One of my clients was fairly successful in business. The company she owned had a $5,000,000 turnover, and she was in love with a celebrity who she had some level of connection with. So I went ahead and cast a love spell for her to hook this guy. I was pretty confident it would work out – and it did. It took six months, but they are still together now, and by all accounts, very happy.


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