Are people always being negative with you? Saying “no” to everything you ask for? Do you wish they’d say “yes” for a change? Then use a little voodoo…

It can be a hard slog getting people to say “yes” to you. You might be trying to close a sale. You might be asking for a loan. You might be asking your landlord to let you tide over paying the rent till next month. You might be trying to get a mortgage on the house you’ve fell in love with.

Hell, you might be asking your girl to marry you!

You might be asking for a pay rise. Or asking for promotion. You might be negotiating a major business deal.

The list is endless…

But the bottom line is you need people to say “yes” to you. You need them to answer in the affirmative. Your livelihood might even depend on it.

And if people keep saying “no” to you, well, things aren’t going to go well in your life. Things might even go decidedly bad.

So how do you get people to say “yes” to you more often?

Obviously you need to pitch your question well. You need to use language patterns that get people on your side. Get them batting for your corner. And your body language needs to be congruous.

But aside from that the key is to use a little voodoo to swing things in your favor. And when people say “yes” to you more often, let’s face it, your life is gonna improve BIG TIME. That’s a no brainer.

So what can you do to increase the number of people who say “yes” to you?

Well, number one, you need to have a positive attitude in yourself. You need to believe that people will say “yes” to you. And when they don’t, simply move on to the next person. It is partly a “numbers game.” It’s crucial you don’t let anybody that says “no” to you get you down.

Keep upbeat. That’s a start. It will draw the right kind of people to you. People that will see the potential in you and may well say “yes” to what you’re asking for.

You can also call up the spirits…

And if you do, this will supercharge the numbers of people that say “yes” to you. What you do is you look for a graveyard near you. Ideally one that has fallen into disuse. You don’t want too many prying eyes around when you are doing voodoo. They’ll get suspicious and might call the cops.

Once you’ve found a suitable graveyard, take a walk around the graves. Look at the more lavish ones. Even if they’ve fallen into disrepair it’s fine. What you’re looking for is a deceased person that was successful in life. After all, successful people, by default, get a lot of people saying “yes” to them.

So this is the kinda grave you want…

You then go back around midnight and you get yourself into a relaxed state and project your mind into the grave saying something like: “Spirit who lived a successful life, I call upon you to help me get more people to say ‘yes’ to me in life… so I can be successful like you were.”

Then make a deal with the spirit. If they will help you, you will give them liquor and cigars as an offering (make sure you take some with you). And will promise to come back regularly to make sure their grave is tidy and pay your respects.

If and when you get a strong feeling that the spirit has accepted your deal, pour a libation of liquor over the headstone of the grave, and then leave the cigars to the side of the grave.

With that, you are done. You can head home. But always remember to leave the graveyard walking backwards, at least to the cemetery gates – otherwise spirits might follow you home.

Use this as a rough blueprint for calling up a spirit to get more people to say “yes” to you. With graveyard work you have to think on your feet as it can go awry if you’re not careful. But so long as your intentions are good, you shouldn’t come to any harm. And more than likely, you’ll find your life has improved for the better.

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