Can a voodoo spell improve your finances? And how long does it take for the money to manifest?

If you’re short of cash, there’s no doubt that you need as much fire power as possible to make life comfortable and get your finances stable. A voodoo money spell will do just that. Once the spell is cast and launched into the ether, a voodoo money spell will start working right away to draw cash to you.

My flagship money spell is my Money Magnet. To cast the spell, I go to a lonely crossroads out the in the country. There I call upon the spirits (the “invisibles”) and during a possession trance ritual I petition these powerful entities on your behalf to ensure you get in the money, and have no further cash problems.

During the ritual I ensure these spiritual forces enter the Money Magnet and the artifacts associated with it, which are placed in a spirit bag that is sent to you.The spirit bag becomes a living, breathing entity unto itself that will work 24/7 to draw cash to you.

Money magick tips

A key thing to do if you’re short of cash is this:

Visualize yourself with money, comfortable or better still phenomenally rich…

Do this on a daily basis. You see, part of the problem with money is, deep down, the vast majority of us don’t feel worthy. And this prevents us from receiving what is rightfully ours. Although we might not realize it, we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot where money is concerned. We don’t feel worthy, so we make sure we don’t actually collect the cash.

It’s a subconscious thing – often a result of negative “programming” from our parents, family and social circle. Parents might say things like “We will never have money” or “We should know our place and accept it.” As a child you take this as a “command” and your subconscious mind will make it the reality. When you are an adult, this will be to your detriment.

In short, you have been programmed to be poor.

But reprogram your subconscious to work for you on the money front, and things will change…

You have to refuse to entertain negative thinking when it comes to money. It doesn’t matter how poor you are, how painful it is, you have to get into the money mindset of rich people. They consider themselves worthy and have confidence that they can attract money – and they do.

Their subconscious works for them in a positive way. Many rich people have used subconscious reprogramming methods to get themselves out of poverty to create wealth for themselves.

This is very much at the heart of the technology behind voodoo money spells. It’s about re-configuring the subconscious to attract abundance.

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