I’m thinking about miracles right now. Do you believe in miracles? I’ll tell it to ya straight, I was sceptical. Like I get in those moods that don’t wanna believe nothing. You know, you can’t be upbeat all the time.

Then a goddamn miracle comes along and you think, no way. But it hits you head on like a runaway steam train. And you go this is a real life, living breathing miracle. You can’t believe how it is the universe delivered and you wasn’t been asking.

And your whole life is changed in an instant. You didn’t know what it was you even needed. But the universe did, and said, hey baby this is what you need, but you didn’t even know it coz you was in a funk. But this is it. This is for real.

But with a miracle it ain’t on a plate. You get a fast track delivery. But it rocks your life and you gotta challenge on your hands. You gotta work. You gotta be all you can be.

And angel called and your whole world turned upside down. You don’t know what’s happening. But you know it feels good and it feels right. So you gotta rise to the challenge and make it all happen.

You gotta sail the sea, if there ain’t no ship you’re gonna have to swim… coz you gotta get to your destination coz the angel brought you a miracle. And who could say no to an angel. Not me, that’s for sure.

So gotta go with the flow. Take up the challenge without flagging. Hit the highway, fly the skies, and take the hand of the angel, that appears like a miracle.

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