Yes I do. It’s a mojo hand configured to the subtleties of female same sex relationships. This is how it came about: Back in the 1990s I started to get lesbians come to me for love spells. To create effective spellworkings for same sex love I spent considerable time questioning these women to nail the critical psycho/sexual differences between straight women and lesbians.

This is crucial otherwise a lesbian love spell or lover-back spell WILL NOT work. It’s no good just replicating a heterosexual love spell. It simply won’t reflect the nuances of a same sex relationship. Like I say, for a lesbian love spell to bring the desired result you need to configure it right.

Bottom line is: My Lesbian Love mojo hand or my same sex configured Conjure Box were long in the making – tried, tested and configured by meticulously cataloging the psychological and energy matrix differences between lesbians and straight women.

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