Yes, my most powerful spiritual cleansing spell is my Gris Gris. I’ve always maintained that the number one thing you need to do to make real, lasting changes in your life is to start with a clean slate. And this invariably entails a thorough cleansing of your psyche and energetic system.

This will remove all forms of accumulated negativity and will allow you to begin your life anew.

Even more importantly, having a cleans slate, through a spiritual cleansing method like my Gris Gris working, means the ground is clear for other types of spell workings to take effect and bring tangible results in the everyday world.

For example, if you wish to re-unite with an ex lover, the more negativity and baleful energy that is cleared, the more likely it is a lover back spell working will bring the desired result – and in quick time too. The same goes for workings associated with money and luck.

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