If you are looking to start a company and make it successful then my 3 Majik Djinns Formulation is the way to go. It will help bring opportunities to you and will create a kind of magnetism around you that attracts people.

A word of advice, though. When it comes to founding a company, your chosen avenue needs to be something you are passionate about. That way, you will keep going through thick and thin until you get into the big money.

On a practical level, if your reach is close to home take a look at Google Local. Make sure you are listed so that you come up on Google Maps as somebody “close by” when people are in your vicinity.

If your reach is national or global, and you don’t yet have a website, look at Weebly or WordPress. And consider¬†any of the social channels that fit what you do – Instagram if you like doing photos; Youtube videos, if you have a camcorder and enjoy filming. Make sure you have Google+ too…. it isn’t as big as Facebook and Twitter, but creating your Google+ profile is critical to building your presence on Google.

Needless to say, adding results magick to the mix is the big wildcard that helps push you towards real success.

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