If you’re having a bumpy ride when it comes to affairs of the heart, this ultra powerful voodoo love spell will help to smooth things out in a hurry…

If your lover has left you, your marriage is breaking down, or you just want to hook that special person you have your eye on, you need to invoke Erzulie, voodoo goddess of love. She can help you with any type of love problem, but you have to treat her nice. Get this one right, and you will see results before Paul Simon has had the time to sing “Just hop on a bus, Gus.”

We’ve spoken about the strength and importance of Erzulie in love matters before, but this is where she really comes into her own. This is what you do:

  • First, make a copy of Erzulie’s veve or talisman, pictured below, on a piece of parchment paper (thick art paper is fine, but remember that if this is important to you, finding and using the nicest quality paper is a good move, and worth taking the time and effort for).

erzulie veve

  • Keep her veve on you at all times, and keep it close to your heart. Erzulies’s veve can also be engraved on metal and worn around your neck on a chain or cord.

erzulie veve

  • Then you need to feed your magick. Before you begin your evening meal, sprinkle a little basil on your food, and say the following:

“Mistress Erzulie, I give you to eat with the left hand. It is with the left hand because you are of the invisibles.”

  • After this, tell Erzulie what it is that you want. It could be the return of a lost lover, making a specific person love you, or keeping a lover faithful.
  • Speak to Erzulie respectfully, but in the way you would normally speak to someone as if they were in the room with you.

Perform this voodoo love spell once a week, and Erzulie will surely be puttin’ a little sugar in your bowl in no time at all.

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