via Beyonce accused of ‘extreme witchcraft’ by Kimberly Thompson | Daily Mail Online

Kimberly Thompson played drums for Beyonce for seven years. But now court records show that she has accused the singer of harassment, which apparently involved dark magick and spells of sexual molestation.

Kimberly appealed to the court for a restraining order against Beyonce, saying she’d not only hit her with dark magick, but tapped her phones and controlled her finances – and even that Beyonce had murdered her kitten. But a judge turned down her request.

You could dismiss her as crazy, but she’s been pretty successful – even a three-time Grammy winner.

Sure, something might have gone wrong with Kimberly, some sort of mental breakdown. Who knows.

OR: She might be quite correct in her claims….

Take, for example, her accusation that Beyonce cast “spells of sexual molestation” against her. Well, any capable occultist would be able to unleash forces via the etheric plane to harass her sexually. And it could well be that Beyonce has used witchcraft and magick to help propel herself to mega-stardom… what’s more, it is said that Jay Z has done the same. Some even contend that he is a member of the Illuminati… (though, it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no proof that the Illuminati existed much beyond its founding in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt).

Anyway, below is a video from Kimberly’s Youtube channel. She hasn’t addressed the Beyonce claims yet on her channel. Maybe she will soon.

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