Black magic works – it’s the secret of casting voodoo spells that bring results…

My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe made no bones about it: black magic works. “People ask me if I do black magic,'” he said one day. “I tell ’em, damn right I do! White magic is for wimp-asses!'”

This was back in the late 1980s when Earl was schooling me in the deeper aspects of his magical knowledge.

“Make no mistake,” he went on. “The roots of conjuration – the true black arts – are always Africa, home of the original man, the black man.”

Earl cited Dhu ‘l-Nun, the Egyptian founder of the dervish order of Builders, who lived during the 8th/9th century, as an example. “He was revered by all true Islams and he was Nubian, black.”

Earl drove home his point:

“What the vast majority of the people don’t know is that ‘black’ was another word for Egypt, some say because of the color of the soil. So the Black Art is nothing more than the ‘Egyptian Art’ or the ‘Art of Understanding.’ It’s the way of true knowledge and wisdom. Sadly the Black Art been slandered by white occultists, pagans and witches to defame the black man, the wise man. That’s why I say damn right I do black magic! And I’m proud!”

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