Your lover has left you, walked out on you. Could be that he walked straight into the arms of another . Maybe not. Either way, you ask yourself, “Does my ex still love me?”

Despite the hurt, you may still feel that you are destined to be together. That the fires of love were forged and cannot be subdued. And that one day he will see what is truly in his heart and will come on back to you.

But what do you base this on? Is it just a feeling?

Or are there definite signs that will answer your question of “does my ex still love me?”

Below are the seven indications that you need to look for – to be sure your ex still loves you:

  1. He still replies to at least one or two of your texts. It’s like he can’t make a clean break. Something still tugs at his heartstrings. He can’t blow you out once and for all.
  2. You hear on the grapevine that, when he’s had a drink or two, he asks mutual friends how you are. Sometimes saying: “She isn’t with anybody, is she?”
  3. You sometimes see him in places you and him used to hang-out. It’s like he wants to bump into you. Maybe it’s just coincidence…or maybe it’s fate (only you will know).
  4. You catch a glimpse of his playlists on his phone, or you see the list of tracks he streams online  – and he hasn’t removed those tracks that were big time special to you both when you first met. He still keeps “your songs.”
  5. You have a truly intense dream about him, like it was real, and you wake up “all of a quiver.” That is the connection between you two; and is a sign that he was thinking of you, feeling regret that he ever gave you up.
  6. You see him with a new partner, a new woman. No, it doesn’t mark the end between you and your guy; it means he’s on the rebound, going crazy to forget you. Watch closely and you’ll see that your ex and his new woman aren’t solid. He’s just using her to get over you. 99 cases out of 100, he hasn’t met the love of his life, he’s still hankering after you.
  7. He doesn’t delete you from his Facebook page, and checks out your profile and photos regularly – that’s him keeping an eye on you. You can bet he doesn’t want you going with another guy. In his heart, he knows he should never have let you go. Thus he keeps up with what you’re doing – albeit on the sly.

Bottom line is: If one or more of the above is the case, a voodoo lover back spell will ensure there’s a very good chance of returning your ex to you.

When you ask yourself, “does my ex still love me?” You’ll know for sure that they do.

It’ll tip the balance, tug hard on his heartstrings. And will get him to recognise that he gave up the love of his live when he left you.

A voodoo lover back spell will work on the subtleties and put things right. It will bring him back into your arms for good.

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