Very occasionally people ask whether I’m for real or not. I don’t take kindly to it. But I understand the reason why people ask. It’s because I’m something of a renaissance man. I do a lot of things besides helping people improve their lives with voodoo and spells – such as writing books and articles on many diverse subjects.

But I am the real deal in terms of being a practitioner of magick and voodoo.

I became involved in voodoo – and took the magickal name Doktor Snake – after meeting a root doctor from Trinidad called Earl Marlowe in the 1980s. I was then a young guitar player living in London.

This is chronicled in the TWILIGHT BELIEVER story on this website. Read it and you’ll discover how I received my magickal name “Doktor Snake” via a shaman’s journey experience. And if you’d like to find out more about magick names read my story THE SECRET POWER OF NAMES.

Much of the time I spent with Earl Marlowe was chronicled in my cult bestseller called DOKTOR SNAKE’S VOODOO SPELLBOOK, now out of print, but the new, expanded edition can be found on Amazon.

Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook new edition

But before I met Earl Marlowe I was already immersed in magick and the occult, and had had many supernatural experiences going back to when I was a young boy.

When it comes to my spellcasting work, I have clients from all over the globe who rely on my services to improve and better their lives.

Here’s what one client said not long ago:

“…In all my life I have never seen spells powerful as this. The love spell you cast was insanely good. We went from breaking up to talking about children in less than a month…”

All in all, the answer is yes, my life and work, and writings, have always been involved with magick and sorcery, along with the mystical aspects of life and reality.

But I also have a very wide range of interests which include quantum physics, chaos science, literature, technology, and economics.

What’s more I have written for numerous national media outlets on a diverse array of subjects, along with writing many different types of books, from fiction and true crime to self-help and technology.

But when it comes to magick and voodoo, I am perhaps best described as a practitioner who utilizes the best of archaic sorcery and shamanism, but also bringing in post-modernist ideas and concepts. It’s a mix of the traditional and the new, and basically doesn’t adhere to one system or creed.

To me that’s what “results magick” is all about: Use whatever works.

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