Very occasionally people ask whether I’m a for real voodoo and hoodoo man or not. I don’t take kindly to it. But I understand the reason why people ask. It’s coz I’m a renaissance man. I do a lot of things besides helping people improve their lives with voodoo – everything from writing books and articles to MC-ing events and playing deep down swamp blues guitar. But when it comes to voodoo – results magick – I get the job done.

Fact is, I’m the real deal. Here my story…

I became a voodoo man – and took the magick name Doktor Snake – after meeting my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe in the 1980s, when I was a young guitar player living in pretty damn harsh poverty. This is chronicled in the TWILIGHT BELIEVER story on this website. Read it and you’ll discover how I received my magick name – a pretty wild experience! And if you wanna find out even more about magick names read my story THE SECRET POWER OF NAMES.

Much of the time I spent with Earl Marlowe was chronicled in cult bestseller called DOKTOR SNAKE’S VOODOO SPELLBOOK, now out of print, and the reissue SPELLBOOK 2.0 has sold out too.

But even before I met Earl Marlowe – and received my magick name Doktor Snake (through swamp voodoo initiation) – I already knew a good deal about magick and the occult, having had some very strange supernatural experiences going back to when I was still in the cot.

When it comes to my voodoo conjuring work, well, I have clients from all over the globe and my books – and hundreds come back to me regularly for help and assistance. Fact is, I support people right through their issues and help get them to a better place in their lives. Here’s an extract from what one client said recently:

“…In all my life I have never seen spells powerful as this. The love box is insanely good. We went from breaking up to talking about children in less than a month. See the thing about voodoo is it doesn’t always work. You have to get the spirits on your side. After that they handle the rest. It is determined by how much you believe and how much you want it to work…”

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