Giving Testimony to Doktor Snake – Successful Business Client (Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous).

When I was first introduced to Doktor Snake, I wasn’t buying it.

First, I’m a natural skeptic and, as far as I’m concerned, all this new-age, spiritual, magical stuff is utter bullshit.

Most of the time people are either faking it or talking nonsense to sound enlightened, edgy or cool. They don’t have the results to back up their “universe will provide” fairytale. They may as well still believe in Santa.

Second, I was expecting a big, brooding, black man – possibly with an exotic accent. I was looking at a clearly well educated, nicely dressed, deathly white, English man. He just didn’t “look the part”.

When my friend, an outlaw biker, bodybuilder and hardman who used to run close personal protection for VIPs in Russian casinos in the 80s, said Doktor Snake’s voodoo gets shit done I was curious enough to play along and see what the fuss was about.

Let me give you some background to my story…

Way back I had built a business empire and was living the high life – employing 12 people in Birmingham [UK] at just 23 – then this damn badger came out of nowhere while I was driving somewhere and sadly I ran it down and killed it, tried to avoid it, but couldn’t, it was terrible… after that, it was like I’d been hexed and things began falling apart on so many levels.

So after talking to Doktor Snake for sometime on that first meeting, I decided I’d got nothing whatever to lose and I told him to give it his best shot, do whatever it takes to help me turn my life and business around.

He called what he does “results magick”. Even then I was thinking “easy to say.” But I awaited his promised results, not expecting much, if anything, to happen. It had been an interesting and fun afternoon talking to Doktor Snake. So the way I say it was I hadn’t lost anything, and could add “professional witchdoctor” to my list of acquaintances.

I pretty much forgot about it. But then a few weeks later things started to change. Small things at first. But amazingly these grew, and many major changes stated to happen – all for the better. I couldn’t believe it.

I called Doktor Snake, and he said:

“I’m glad. I gave it my very best shot. I could see you’d been taken out by negativity, kinda like a hex, and that needed removing and after that a big push to get you where you wanted to go in life… almost like achieve your destiny, which in a sense, had been taken from you by that one unlucky event with the badger.”

This is how it panned out before and after Doktor Snake’s voodoo spell…

  • Before: driving a 15 year-old rusty Fiat Cinquecento… Now driving the car I’ve always wanted.
  • Before: living illegally in a house I owned but only on a mortgage that meant it was rented to others… Now living in the best part of town in the ideal home.
  • Before: had tried for 10 years to have kids… Now got two brilliant boys.
  • Before: business just about paying the meager bills… Now business going to 7-figures with shares.

What more can I say? Except thanks Doktor Snake!

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