Voodoo man Doktor Snake ain’t happy. Says to Donald Trump he’s going to put a hex on him.

But Donald Trump is not all he seems. He points straight at Doc and says, “Won’t work, Doc, I’m a chaos magickian. Didn’t you know?”

Truth is, Donald Trump is not your typical kinda president. Not one iota. No, he might best be described as the greatest living magickian of our times.

Forget whether you like him or loathe him. That’s not the point. If you think that way, you’re not reading him well.

The way to view Trump is that he is a symbol of our times – of the post-modern age.

And he sums up the fact that the real magick of today is politics. Forget conjuring demons, traveling the heady astral landscape of the Tree of Life, or for that matter, casting spells by traditional means.

Instead recognize that we are in a swirl of chaos, where, to echo 11th/12th century Islamic assassin Hassan-i Sabbah, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” And Donald Trump literally lives this.

Trump used the tactics of magick to become president of the USA. And continues to do so. I’m not saying he consciously identifies with freeform post-modern magick. But he might do.

Certainly, since a young boy, he has been into New Thought, as popularized by Norman Vincent Peale in his book The Power of Positive Thinking.

And most of those New Thought people, even if outwardly “Christian” in ethos, were well aware of occult practices, and included them in veiled form in their teachings.

So when you see Donald Trump up there talking on a podium, you’re seeing a post-modern magickian, utilizing chaos on every level. And bear in mind that chaos science shows that the true driver of creation, the multiverse and evolution, is chaos itself.

If you want a creator, a God, then it is chaos. And Donald Trump has tapped into that. He lives it and exemplifies it.

And a great new book by Gary Lachman, Dark Star Rising, lays it all down in a reasoned, erudite, and truly fascinating way. Read it.

dark star rising gary lachman

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